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Things That Gave Us Life: The Our Stories Edition

J. Quazi King for mater mea

J. Quazi King for mater mea

Things That Gave Us Life: The Our Stories Edition

Words: Ashley Poag

Our weekly roundup of the best things that happened online and IRL. 

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“I was charged to fill Essence magazine’s pages with a variety of genres and types of books that featured black characters, but the books weren’t out there.” This is what Andrea Davis Pinkney, our last mater mea mom for 2014, found before she embarked on her decades-long journey of producing books with African-American characters at the center. Today the bestselling children’s author and Scholastic VP is responsible for more than 30 books filling the shelves and the hands of young readers, including The Cheetah Girls and Let It Shine, a book about black women who were freedom fighters.

Make room for one more Christmas song: The ladies of the Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black have put out a hilarious rendition of “12 Days of Christmas”.

Vintage Black Glamour

The second edition of Nichelle Gainer's Vintage Black Glamour is set to be released in 2015. We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the gorgeous photos of fashionable and beautiful black women from the early 20th century.


Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams constantly inspires us by using his platform to speak out against inequality and social injustice. Williams recently shed some insight on race relations and the struggle of being black in Hollywood in a Youtube video that's gone viral. He gets straight to point on a variety of issues ranging from wealth inequality to white privilege and cultural appropriation.


Blaxploitation seems to be making a comeback with a conscious. Adult Swim's Black Dynamite is set to tackle police brutality in the form of a musical featuring Erykah Badu, as "The Wizard of Watts." We're sure Badu will lay down some serious truth in her lyrics. 


Jennifer "JHUD" Hudson was a guest on the UK’s Capital FM radio station. The show likes to do a sort of karaoke with their guests, which explains why Hudson did an impromptu cover of Beyonce’s “Listen” from their Oscar-nominated movie Dreamgirls. Let’s just say she NAILED IT!


Ciara and baby Future rocked some adorable Santa hats this Christmas. They were just one of the many cute holiday celebration pictures that flooded our feeds and timelines this week.


Jessica Williams, actress and correspondent for the Daily Show, gave us a funny yet sobering lesson on the shameless cultural bashing that the ignorant (among them TV host Glenn Beck) indulge in when it comes to Kwanzaa. By the end of this Upworthy video, you laugh, learn something about Kwanzaa, and have a newfound respect for people who celebrate it.