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Things That Gave Us Life: The Black Women Rock Edition



Things That Gave Us Life: The Black Women Rock Edition

Words: Ashley Poag

Our weekly roundup of the best things that happened online and IRL.

 Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

 Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Black women standing in support of one another is a beautiful thing. During an episode of  E!'s Fashion Police, co-host Giuliana Rancic made the following statement concerning Zendaya’s faux locs at the Oscars: "I feel like she smells like patchouli oil, or weed. Maybe weed?"

Several of Zendaya's fellow Hollywood sisters were not having it. Ava Duvernay, Kerry Washington, and the forever fierce natural Solange all took to Twitter in support of Zendaya. And the young actress' own response was pretty amazing, too.

Michelle Lugalia-Hollon

With incredible bravery and clarity Michelle Lugalia-Hollon shared her personal struggle with postpartum depression on mater mea. Her essay let's other women know that they are not alone—an estimated 9-16% of women experience postpartum depression after giving birth—and that there is hope.




Centric is the first television channel that specifically caters to black women. A full website relaunch happened this week and it included this video, which showcases the diverse content you can find on the BET sister channel. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Centric's pivot is it confirms black women’s incredible buying power.


Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture has released a book, Through the African American Lens. It’s the first of a series of seven books  featuring photos that define different periods in African-American history.


Mara Brock Akil wants to make sure we see African-Americans in loving sexual relationships. It was a lovemaking scene between characters played by Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover in the movie adaptation of Beloved that challenged her way of thinking, she explains. Now as creator of BET's Being Mary Jane, Akil is doing her part to bring more diversity to African-American’s portrayal of love and sexuality in film and television.


After giving an emotionally stirring performance of Selma’s theme song "Glory," John Legend and Common gave an incredible acceptance speech for Best Original Song at the Oscars' last Sunday. Legend called attention to the mass incarceration of African-Americans, while Common eloquently connected the struggles of people in Hong Kong, France, and the South Side of Chicago. We were happy to see light shed on so many important issues on a platform like the Oscars.


Erykah Badu never fails to entertain whether it’s musically or she’s just being herself while stranded at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport!


“You get to see the magic of childbirth and it is magic... To actually get to hold her straight from birth in your hands, it’s indescribable.” That’s what new dad Eric Matthews had to say after delivering his daughter, Peyton. His wife Taneca went into labor much sooner than expected and Eric had to deliver the baby with the help of 911 operators. We know Peyton will hear awesome stories about her birth as she grows up!


Ashley Poag is mater mea's intern and an aspiring multimedia journalist.