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Mybestbox Makes Staying Healthy Easy And Affordable

Courtesy of mybestbox

Courtesy of mybestbox

Mybestbox Makes Staying Healthy Easy And Affordable

Words: Angela Johnson

Sign us up for this new health-focused subscription box service!

There’s nothing like finding a gorgeously gift-wrapped box full of products chosen especially for you in your mailbox. Retailers are catching on and as a result, subscription box services have become the coolest way to sample clothes, makeup, and even wine in the comfort of your own home. Now mybestbox, one of the latest entries in the game, is bringing healthy products right to your front door.

The company’s philosophy (”Happiness is the highest form of health”) is extremely personal to founder and CEO Fatima Dicko. Born in a small village in Mali and having lived in what she calls “a food desert” in Baltimore, Dicko knows firsthand how difficult it can be to access the tools necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle in certain communities. “I came to the United States as a young girl in need of advanced medical support, so health and wellness has been an area I yearned to understand,” Dicko says.

After studying chemical engineering at Columbia University, Dicko worked as a senior engineer with Procter & Gamble, developing new formulations for CoverGirl products. But the idea for mybestbox came from her unofficial role as wellness guru in her community. “I shared countless tips and products [with family and friends] on how to improve their lifestyles until people started joking around and asking if I could just put everything in one box to help them out,” Dicko says. “And here we are today.”

MyBestBox CEO Fatima Dicko.

MyBestBox CEO Fatima Dicko.

A $25 monthly subscription gives customers a carefully curated assortment of themed products including glass smoothie jars, herbal teas, healthy snacks, and luxurious body crèmes. The team selects products that have been thoroughly tested by health and wellness experts. “All of our products are also used by the members of the team to ensure they actually deliver as advertised,” Dicko explains. And in case you were wondering, they aren’t skimping on the goodness—boxes include full-size versions of the products.

The folks at mbb know that some of us need a little extra push to maintain healthy habits, which is why each box includes coupons for health and wellness products and special motivational material. The lifestyle tips on mybestbox’s blog also help keep customers on the right path.

And if budget-conscious health divas aren’t already totally blissed out after enjoying all of their mybestbox goodies, they’ll feel even better knowing that $1 from every BPA-free bottle and grocery tote sold on the site goes to support two charities, clean water advocates charity:water and Paul’s Place, a local organization focused on improving the quality of life in Baltimore neighborhoods. “Personally, part of being completely happy has always consisted of giving back to those less fortunate than myself,” Dicko says.

As for the future of mybestbox, Dicko says that the subscription box is just one of many ideas her team has in the pipeline. Her company is doing its best to eliminate as many obstacles to healthy living as possible. “mbb is not aiming to simply be a subscription box company,” she says, “but a lifestyle brand all about delivering the ‘happy experience.’”


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