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mater mea's First-Ever Reader Survey

mater mea's First-Ever Reader Survey


We're back after taking a brief summer hiatus. To be totally honest with you, I had to practice what I preach, and take a step away from the site as a form of self-care. After working on mater mea for four years, and going through a lot of personal ups and downs because of it, I hit a wall in July and couldn't figure a way through it. It was horrible! I wondered:

Was working on mater mea making me happy?

Should I stop the site, and start all over again with a new passion?

Was I even the right person to see this vision through?

After a bit of agonizing, I've found my way back. But I need your help to take the site beyond what it's been for the last four years. I need to know who you are and get your thoughts on mater mea to inform some upcoming decisions I'll be making about the direction of the site's content and future products.

That's why I've created our first-ever reader survey. I'm not going to lie... I'm asking y'all a lot of questions. But your answers will be so helpful in the site's growth, giving me a sense of what I'm getting right and wrong, and helping me find opportunities for development.

And to thank you for your help, all fully completed surveys will be entered for a chance to win a $75 Visa Gift Card! So you can help mater mea out and have an extra $75 in your pocket. 

I appreciate your time and continued support. Really excited to see your thoughts, and to continue on this journey together!