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How To Get Your Closet Ready For Fall's Biggest Trends



How To Get Your Closet Ready For Fall's Biggest Trends

Words: Zakia Carter

The dip in temperature doesn’t have to happen in our wallets, too. Stylist Zakia Carter gives advice on how to update your fall wardrobe with items you already own.

“How do you do it?" A question commonly asked of countless women who juggle work, friends, and family is one that could easily be applied to transitioning a wardrobe from season to season without breaking the bank.

Luckily for you, versatility never goes out of style. You don’t have to be June Ambrose or Anna Wintour to possess the savvy to properly pair an expensive designer piece with great vintage finds.

While it’s not easy to look like those doyennes of style, it’s not impossible. One thing I’ve learned from sitting front row at fashion shows over the years is that the best transitional wardrobes incorporate key pieces from your closet with a strong blend of the season’s trends. A closet with just a few staple pieces is going to be the lifesaver that helps you transition this season.

The key pieces for your wardrobe, also known as your palette, are:

A great pair of denim jeans

A classic white button-down shirt

A camel colored A-line skirt

A great pair of black pants

A black turtleneck

Your palette is your base layer or starting point. These are items that play well from season to season and are found in the closets of women across America. (So if you don’t have one of these pieces, it’s a good bet that one of your girlfriends does. There is no shame in the exchange game!) Another great thing about palette pieces is that they are commonly accessible year-round in every major retail store, so it’s very easy to purchase on sale. Once your palette has been assembled, add in these fall fashion trends.

Go Mod

The ‘60s were alive and well at both the Louis Vuitton and Valentino Fall/Winter 2014 runway shows in New York. Hit the vintage stores and look for items that scream mod, like a mini skirt or a skinny leg pant in a geometric print. Choose Optic Art prints and play with all of the bright colors of that era. This trend works well with any of your palette selections, but we like the idea of pairing a mini with your favorite black turtleneck.

Borrow From The Fellas

Raiding your boyfriend’s closet is now a matter of being fashionable and comfortable. Look for a chunky sweater, a great black blazer, or an oversized shirt that can be belted or tied at the waist to create a chic, feminine twist.  The key to pulling the look off is to add clean, tailored lines and well-proportioned accessories: think pinstripes, blazers, oxfords, tailored trousers, and brogues paired with your crisp, white button-down shirt.

Get Furry

Turn up the volume on your fall wardrobe by adding a little fur to your base. A Mongolian lamb vest, shearling motorcycle jacket, or multi-colored faux fur can instantly make your jeans runway ready. Designers found inspiration in the tactile appeal of fur, crafting deliciously fluffy coats and jackets in a dusky palette of soft chalk tones. The surprising new take is less cuddly lamb, more wolf in sheep's clothing. Use this as an opportunity to channel your alter ego.

Feel A Little Blue

It seems like the fall/winter 2014 collections were feeling kind of blue. The hue—from cerulean, cyan, and cobalt to navy, sapphire, and periwinkle—was seen everywhere and in every form. A cerulean shirt would pop with your camel-colored skirt or those black pants in your closet.

And don’t forget: what’s on your feet completes your look. The one rule this season is that your shoes must sparkle! Gravitate to shoes in metallic colors and hints of glitter. The more bejeweled the better.

Never underestimate the power of your creativity. Allow yourself the freedom to step outside the box and experiment with the bold colors, rich textures, and new silhouettes of the season. Happy fall fashion hunting!