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6 Stylish Pieces For Your Office



6 Stylish Pieces For Your Office

Words: Kacie Trimble

While needing backpacks and No. 2 pencils may be a distant memory for many of us, it doesn’t mean our desks couldn’t benefit from some new supplies.

You put so much time into how you dress for work, so why shouldn’t you show off your personality and style on your desk, too? Your office (or desk, if you’re like most workers in open offices) should be an inviting and comfortable place to get you through the long days. Punching up everyday work items with your own signature style and flair is a great way to have fun while getting work done.

When it comes to finding beautiful and functional office supplies, it helps to have the following websites bookmarked.

See Jane Work

See Jane Work is a site known for office style and organization. Stocked with designer totes and accessories, the website carries items that have a higher price point, but still makes sure to carry cheeky and affordable work accessories—like these funny folders. See Jane Work is also full of tips and tricks on how to organize your space more efficiently, which is especially useful for those of us whose desks could use some TLC. (Days of the Week file folders, $9)


Poppin’s tagline is “work happy,” so of course we had to feature them. Poppin’s website lets you shop by color so you can color-coordinate all of your desk essentials, and has a design-a-desk feature that lets you visualize your desk with different accessories before you buy, in case you want to mix and match colors. And if you’re not quite sure where to start in your office revamp, Poppin has a #workhappy Pinterest board that shows how others have designed their offices for inspiration. (Aqua Softie Grip Grass, $12)

Kate Spade New York

We all know Kate Spade for having some of the most adorable dresses and purses around, but the brand also makes desk supplies (available at almost any retailer that sells office and tech accessories). Going straight to the source will make sure you always stay current with each season’s latest designs. The brand’s signature graphic spin on femininity are on everything from planners to pencil bags, and add a romantic touch to a to-do list. (Literary Glasses Pencil Pouch, $30)

The Container Store

If ever you need something to organize and contain items, the Container Store would be a good place to look. But it’s not all under-the-bed storage and plastic bins; the Cordies desktop cord catch is perfect for the office, especially if you don’t have a large workspace. Laptop and phone cords take up room and create clutter; designating a space for each can help keep your desk from becoming a tangled mess. (Cordies Desktop Cord Catch, $5)


Anthropologie is known for bohemian clothing and accessories, and its office options don’t disappoint. Modern, sophisticated, and a little bit quirky, this subtle design is ideal for someone who wants to show off their personality, but not go over the top with it. These pieces can be purchased separately, so you can add pieces as you go from the tiny cubicle to the corner office. (Magazine rack, $138)


Known as the more modern sibling of popular home goods brand Crate & Barrel, CB2 offers great office furniture and supply options for the minimalist. Maintain order and style at the same time with these see-through organizers. The clean, acrylic design is nice for storing things while still keeping them in sight, and comes in pencil cups, magazine holders, storage shelves, and many other accessories in case you want to fill your office with this sleek design. (Stacking Boxes Set of Three, $30)