issue #56: theresa thames


Motherhood was instantaneous and unexpected for pastor and theologian Theresa S. Thames; when her sister passed away in November 2011 on Thames’ 32nd birthday, she decided to raise her nephew as her own. But while she was adjusting to her new life as “TT Mommie,” an affectionately given nickname to describe her new role, Thames was hit again and again with two more tragedies: Her ex-husband died unexpectedly in April 2013 and her estranged father died 10 months later.

Dealing with three deaths, a divorce, a new son, and her role as a full-time community pillar could have been a recipe for a full-on, emotional breakdown. But Thames attributes her stability to God’s grace and a great support system, which also happen to be the cornerstones of her work-life balance. She tells mater mea how she found her way.

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